First Post!

Hey there everyone! My name is Shawnee/Johnny (they/them). What do you way when you’re introducing yourself honestly? Guess we’ll start with I am non-binary or something, I have PTSD, and I am currently a well-crafted mess. Oh, also music is where I find understanding and freedom, I literally make emotion soundtracks.

  • Music for life up to this point: Sam Cooke, “Change Gonna Come,” Charlie Chaplin, “Smile,” and Beatles, “Yesterday.”
  • Music for current emotional space: Dobie Gray, “Drift Away,” Johnny Cash, “Unchained,” and basically all of Dolly Parton

(Must admit, the sudden love of country music is surprising)

Now, at this point, you’re probably thinking what the hell is this? Site for music recommendations? I guess the point is to write about shit and maybe someone else can relate, feel less alone, laugh, and exchange so good tunes along the way.


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